I think the plying actually makes the alien yarn pop more:

Alienpair1031seventeen yards

The roving is set up such that there’s a big wad of chartreuse surrounded by black, with the black concentrated on two (opposite) sides and sort of wispy in between. This seems to lead to lots of mostly-black segments and lots of mostly-green segments, which means that the colors stand out more in the two-ply. Once I started writing that, though, it occurs to me that the opposite may be true for the knitted piece. So I swatched. (*gasp*)

Aliensinglesswatchsingles = stripey

two-ply = tweedy

Despite my usual preference for tweediness and flecky, blended colors, I prefer the stripey singles. I think the blinding nature of the colors in the roving makes the more muted, blended knit product seem wrong and sad.

I still wouldn’t call it muddy, though.