Last night, I left work “early” (6:45) to meet SuperTarzan at the TLA for the Sufjan Stevens concert. It was probably just as well that we wound up being late, as we still got in and found a spot to stand before the opening act started. I was impressed that I actually liked the opening singer, whose name is Denison Whitmer; it was partly that the songs were good and partly that I could understand nearly all of the words. Yeah, enunciation! (I think a good chunk of my pickiness about enunciation stems from the fact that I have to wear earplugs to concerts in order to not be in pain after about five minutes.) Anyway, Sufjan Stevens and the Illinoisemakers were great, just as I’d hoped. The only downside was that it was standing room and their music isn’t really dance-y enough to do much more than stand.

For Cyn, here’s a (sadly blurry) picture:


Alas, my camera doesn’t have a setting for “I don’t care how dark it is, but it shouldn’t be blurry”. Next time…

Meanwhile, much to the amusement of SuperTarzan (and probably the confusion of a few of the other patrons and quite likely also the waitresses), I pulled out my knitting as soon as the music started. I don’t have a shot of the sock from right before the concert, but here’s what I’ve got now.


I still have a few inches of ribbing to go, but I’m hoping to finish these in the next month or so. Hey, maybe I can wear them for my birthday!

In other sock-related news, it’s finally been cooling off here. I was so happy to be able to wear long sleeves outside this evening, while I walked home.