While I was in New York last weekend, I stopped at Habu Textiles. I hadn’t been there before, though I’d heard about it from lots of people. It felt a little weird, since the door opens on a sort of weaving showroom, but I settled in to spend a good, solid forty-five minutes in the closet-sized space with yarn hanging from the wall. Much of the yarn that they have is too fine for much knitting–I was tempted by a beautiful saffrony color, but it was basically thread, so it seemed a tad impractical. And they had a lot of cotton, which I don’t really like knitting with, and a lot of silk. I didn’t see any of the stainless-steel blend for sale, but I did get to touch a sample. I’m not sure I’d want to wear it, but it would be interesting for some sort of hanging.

oodles of laceweight

I wound up buying three kinds of yarn, but you can only see the one that’s for me. The others are gifts for people whom I’d like to surprise… Anyway, the yarn I’m keeping is $11.85 worth of A-93, which translates to close to three thousand yards of natural laceweight wool. I’m thinking about dyeing it, but I can’t quite decide on a color. I have some acid dyes buried in my art supply crate (but no mordants on hand), I was thinking of trying kool-aid dyeing… Maybe red, since that should be doable with kool-aid, or possibly some kind of dark gold-orange color. I’m also debating about splitting it into a few different batches, in which case I might make one of them blue or purple and use it as a gift.