A lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately has been my uncle (the one who got married on Monday), because he’s been in the hospital since Tuesday. The doctors seem to think (this is third-hand, mind you) that they can get rid of the tumors that have been blocking his kidneys, and the impression I got is that it’s safe to be cautiously optimistic.

What’s been bothering me as I try not to think about serious problems that I can’t fix has been that I can’t find my 3.75mm bamboo circular, which means that I can’t start the Diamond Fantasy Shawl.

(As I thought about where I could buy another, I remembered something that one of my coworkers said at happy hour on Wednesday. He’d seen Sophie’s, one of the three yarn stores in Center City Philadelphia, and couldn’t believe that they really only sold yarn and knitting (and crochet) stuff and could still stay in business.)

Then, about half an hour ago, I got a phone call from one of my best friends. There was an explosion in her apartment building last night, a few apartments over and two floors up, and she needs help documenting things for her insurance and cleaning what can be salvaged. An extra added reason for her to need help is that her husband can’t really do anything resembling manual labor right now, since he had a bike accident a few days ago and has a broken collarbone and possibly broken ribs.

I’m going to go to work and feel lucky today.