I decided a few days ago (Tuesdayish) that I was going to try to pull a Stephanie and finish both my flower basket shawl and the wedding present for my uncle by the end of the week. The fact that I almost immediately thereafter borrowed four books from Kirsten put a bit of a kink in that plan. My new plan is to just finish the wedding present for Thanksgiving, which is going to be my next trip to New York.

Tonight, though, I one-more-rowed myself into finishing the flower basket shawl. I’m hoping it’ll be dry enough to pack by the time I leave in three hours.


I tried the string-through-the-top blocking method, and then I added more pins because it didn’t seem to be working properly. Fortunately, I’m not as picky as some about blocking perfectly, especially because I figure I can reblock it later if it seems off when it’s not being compared to gingham.

I’d talk more, but I haven’t started packing yet…