I can’t think of any other reason for this yarn (and the other wool-mohair I’ve spun) to look this crinkly, particularly in comparison with the merino-silk… I think it’s getting stuck in the plying or something. Maybe it’ll help if I do that whole slidey fuzz-reducing thing, the plies will stick together less? It might help, but the fact that it looked so nice before I set the twist makes me wonder.

the skein, yesterday morning

So, now that I’ve finished off that batch of wool-mohair, I’ve started on the orange merino-silk. After that, I’ve got this:

mmm, more orange

That’s more wool-mohair from Three Waters Farm, matching the stuff I just finished spinning except for the darkest color. So pretty….

Since I haven’t done much knitting lately and I’m thinking of a knitted gift for my uncle’s wedding in two weeks, I picked up needles again last night.

look, knitted wire!

My plan is to knit them a bowl or basket of some kind. I doubt I’ll have it done by the 18th, when I go up to New York, but I’d like to at least know that I can knit wire nicely. And then I can have it done for Thanksgiving, when I’ll see them again.