In response to Jen‘s questions:

Overall, I enjoyed the Eat Local Challenge. It was good to make myself eat fresh produce and, you know, have to actually wash and chop the veggies. With the exemptions I gave myself, it wasn’t terribly difficult. I still have a lot of food (grains, frozen stuff, etc.) in my pantry and freezer from before August started… And I really love the presence of a farmers’ market across the street from my house.

The thing I’m most looking forward to tomorrow is letting myself buy some decent cheddar. The local dairy people who used to come to my local market haven’t been there this year, and chevre, while tasty, doesn’t quite work for cheese toast.

Fun new products? Well….I tried the local chevre, which is tasty, and the local tofu, which is excellent. I haven’t actually gone out of my way to find new sources of local foods, what with the easy accessibility of more than enough food and the fact that I don’t have a car or a bike (for going to slightly-farther-away farmers’ markets).

The challenge has changed my eating habits in the direction of “what I like to do when I take time to cook real food”, which I’d like to continue. I won’t be teaching this semester, so I’d like to think I’ll still have time to cook for as long as there’s local produce. I’ll probably do the challenge again next year, assuming I hear about it again, although I’d like to think that there won’t be much to challenge from by then.