This has been a relatively good week for cooking, with two different things cooked and another thing prepared without cooking. (Sad, isn’t it?) Anyway, I made some rice noodles and peanut sauce with squash and peppers on Tuesday, and I’ve still got some left. On Friday, I used the rest of the package of rice noodles with squash, eggplant, half a pepper, and some frozen (shelled) edamame, in my generic Southeast Asian sauce. Quite tasty, as it turned out, and then we made cinnamon-allspice ice cream. Mmmmm….

Yesterday morning, I made my weekly trip to the local farmers’ market, and I bought something from every stall except for the guy with flowers. I now have corn, hot peppers, an eggplant, summer squash, tomatillos, wax beans, mottled red-and-green peppers, chevre, ginger gold apples, blackberries, and banana bread. And “seven grain” bread that’s really five-grain-and-two-seed bread, sunflower seeds and buckwheat not being grains. I’m thinking either apple crisp with blackberry ice cream or apple-blackberry crisp with just some of the existing cinnamon ice cream, and something vaguely Mexican for the tomatillos. Maybe a black bean soup? We shall see.

Apologies to those of you hoping for fiber content; the flower basket shawl and second wildfoote sock have both grown a bit, but they’re not worth new pictures. I spent yesterday helping friends move, and I was too tired to knit or spin when I got home. I did have energy to stop at the co-op yesterday, though, and I special-ordered a few things, including a bunch of big glass jars for dry-goods storage. I hope they come in soon!