I took a couple of hours off yesterday afternoon to go downtown and run some errands. It’s been beautiful this week (if all of summer were like this, I’d like summer), so it was great to get outside for a while. My first stop (and, really, the only purchase worth a photo) was on Fabric Row, where I was intending to buy some quilting cotton for a dpn case. None of the cottons called out to me, so I wound up with this:

dupioni silk, with different-colored warp and weft. mmmm…

When I got back to lab, I found out that a few other people were planning to go to a free concert of bluegrassy music in Rittenhouse Square and decided to join them. It turned out to not really be bluegrass, but it was okay folk-rock. At least, if one of the singers had cut out the screaming (kinda like he’d really wanted to be in a metal band) and the occasionally singing flat. Dissonance that doesn’t sound intentional just isn’t fun to listen to. But, hey, it was free. And a lovely evening to hang out in the park with friendly coworkers.

cement columns are not only good seats but also good tripods

And here we have a bonus cat picture, because Mel is cute.

did I hear a bird outside the window?