Those are the flavors of berry in the jam I made last night. It was my first attempt at jamming by myself (i.e., not in my dad’s kitchen, with his supplies and assistance), and it went quite nicely. Really, the hard part was acquiring such things as tongs, pectin, and canning jars, none of which are available at my local farmers’ market. (The pectin did turn out to be from my co-op, though, and I figured it was a fair exception to the local-only rule.) I also got a nice reminder of how long it really takes to boil a huge pot of water…

So, the jam. I used about 3.5 cups of blueberries and two cups of blackberries (each measured by the cardboard pint containers from the farmers’ market, so really approximate), about 2t powdered pectin, and about 2.5 c sugar. And then I added a slosh of key lime juice, probably about a tablespoon. Judging by the taste and gelledness of what was stuck to the wooden spoon, I think it came out pretty well…I love the fudgeability of cooking.

4.75 cups of jam

Mel gets curious

methinks the pectin worked nicely

One thing that’s amusing me about the size of this batch of jam is that all of the jars are assigned to recipients already. The not-really-full one, of course, is mine.