Last night and today were absolutely nuts. I spent all of last night cooking (quinoa-millet and corn salad, plus chocolate cupcakes with mixed berries), and then a couple of us went in to lab at 11:30 to drop off most of the food for today’s lab party. Then, this morning, the senior grad student in my lab defended his thesis. Fortunately, despite the chemical accident that meant we had to evacuate the building two slides before the end of his talk, he passed. After the talk, the rest of us hurried back to the lunchroom to set up for the party. Three and a half hours later, we’d fed people, eaten, socialized, and cleaned up, and it was time to actually start doing science. It was 3:30pm.

I was very, very happy to find this on my chair (nicely and securely packaged, of course):

my new Bosworth spindle

Rather than go to yet another party this evening, I opted to run errands, during which I at least wouldn’t have to be actively sociable, and then I came home to play with the new cocobolo spindle. I finished spinning the test roving that came with the spindle, and it’s now drying. I figured I’d leave it as a single and use it as a trim on the edge of something round, for which biasing won’t matter. (Sparklies are fun.) It’s a lovely spindle, and it is, as I’d wanted, noticeably heavier than the one I bought in May. It’s not, though, as different in color from my other spindle:

Funny how similar paduak and cocobolo are… I think my next spindle’s going to be one of the Golding handcarved cherry ones. Next May.