I had a wonderfully full weekend. I bought $25 of groceries at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning (corn! blueberries! squash! Thai basil! chicken!), and then I saw these on my walk to work:

Tigerswallowtail2 Darkbutterfly3

And then I thought I saw another tiger swallowtail, but it turned out to be a goldfinch! I’m still excited about that because it was the first “interesting” songbird I’ve seen in the three years I’ve lived in Philadelphia. (Cardinals, robins, and bluejays don’t count, nor do the ubiquitous sparrows and starlings and pigeons.) Work was work…not terribly exciting. But then I went to Kirsten‘s house for the PhillyKnitters stitch ‘n’ bitch. Much fun was had, and much knitting was accomplished. Those of us who live close enough to walk stayed pretty late, and, what with other activities coming up, I got home around 10:30 or 11. And I found this:


Yesterday was a full and happy day at work. I spent basically the whole day at one microscope or another, and that’s my favorite kind of work to do. Conveniently enough, I came to a very nice stopping point at 7, so I headed off to the PhillyKnitter knitting circle at Tattooed Mom’s, a bar on South Street. I hadn’t been there before, so I have to say–that’s quite an ambiance. Fun, though, and a lot easier to get to than the other bar where we’d been knitting. I managed to knit on the flower basket shawl despite a hard cider and lots of distracting people, so I’m now about eight and a half repeats in, and running out of yarn from the first hank. I’m not sure how much bigger I’m going to make it, but it’s going to be at least eleven repeats.

the state of the shawl this morning

Tonight I didn’t knit at all (*gasp*). Instead, I did some much-needed cleaning and cooked some chicken. (Pitifully enough, that was the first local food I consumed this month, as I bought lunch both yesterday and today and ate at T-Mom’s last night.) Next time, though, I’m going to get the pre-skinned kind. I really didn’t think to figure that bit into my prep-time estimate. Also–grown-up chicken legs are so much bigger than embryonic chicken legs. I mean, yeah, I knew that, but I’m so much more used to embryonic scale…

a bonus picture–anyone know what it is?