I escaped Philadelphia on Friday morning. Just barely still morning (around 11), because I had to go to lab and finish packing and such in the morning, but traffic didn’t get bad ’til we were out of the city. Part of the reason for the tieups was this:

the wipers were on ‘high’ when I shot this

So the drive took eleven hours instead of the usual eight. It was okay, though, ’cause I got to talk to my mom a lot. We also tested out my new iPod car adapter thingy. It worked okay, but I had to change radio frequencies every few towns, which made it less convenient. (Assuming you have a cassette player in your car, I’d probably recommend a cassette adapter instead of one of the FM tuner thingies.)

somewhere in southern Vermont, on rt. 22A

The last time I visited my parents, the first thing I noticed was how quiet it is up here. Right now, it’s relatively noisy, as the neighbors are outside with their kids and there’s a good breeze rustling the trees in front of the house and across the street. Heh. No trolley noises, only occasional traffic noises, and no sirens. It’s also been cool enough for me to want a blanket at night, without air-conditioning.

On Saturday, since it was a lovely, lovely day, I went hiking with my dad at the Abbey Pond Trail near Bristol. That was the most intense four miles I’ve walked in a very long time. It took us two hours to hike the two miles up, and another hour to hike back down. It was fun, though, despite the couple dozen mosquito bites I’ve been trying not to scratch, to be in woods with no cars audible and to get to see this:

Forest tent caterpillar





Hemlock shadow

Yesterday was mostly (pleasantly) anticlimactic, but we did make our annual pilgrimage to the Williston library book sale. I went looking for kids’ books, fantasy, and knitting books. I bought $4 in contemporary fiction and one book on knotting and braiding.