I finally did some real cooking1 yesterday. I’d been planning to make the Roast Vegetable Tart With Rich Walnut Crust from Gaia’s Kitchen2 for a couple of months. I’d offered to make it for Anj and Sue, and they offered me the use of their tv for the basketball game last night, which worked out beautifully.

Alas, I neglected to locate my food processor and confirm the edibility of my pesto before starting to cook, so I had to improvise in bits that I thought wouldn’t need improvisation. The tart turned out fine, though, and I learned how much of a difference rolling out pastry crust makes, even when it’s made with oil instead of butter. Maybe next time I make a quiche I’ll roll out the crust, even if it is just for me… Actually, the most convincing sign that the tart was good was that Sue liked it despite the eggplant.

After dinner, we sat down for some knitting before the game came on. I spent a few minutes on the onyx flower basket, and then….

“Hey, Anj, could I try out a set of your Denises?”

. . .

“And do you have some yarn I could use? All of mine is stuck in projects.”

Thus began a purple dulaan hat to coordinate with the purple dulaan sweater that Anj made a couple of weeks ago. The 2×2 rib and stockinette made for perfect basketball-watching knitting, and the slightly oversized needles meant that it went pretty quickly.

about half done

1as distinguished from “how can I have hot food in the shortest amount of time?” cooking–I used fresh vegetables, an unfortunate rarity these days

2an excellent cookbook of vegetarian (with some vegan) food, including some gorgeous pictures and a really amusing/engaging writing style–the RVTWRWC is described as “a bit of a fiddle to make”

The other reason for the heading is that I’ve started listening to my collection of bluegrass again. Mmm, fiddles and banjos.