I have proof of Mel’s ridiculous (and highly amusing) habit of climbing my window screens:

Mel on screen
“Come back here, you!”

After I finished laughing (in a nice way!) at Mel, I went off to Rosie’s, armed with the discount card that I’d filled nearly a year ago.

the haul

I’m thinking I might dig through the craft supplies in my parents’ basement for the wire that we got for jewelry-making. Knitting with wire looks like fun… It’s also probably more feasible than dyeing in my kitchen, although I may try kool-aid dyeing if I can get my hands on some dyeable wool.

After Rosie’s, I headed a couple of blocks over to where Kirsten and a couple of other PhillyKnitters (whose lj names I’ve forgotten) were knitting in Rittenhouse Square. Despite messing up because I was talking and not paying attention to the chart, I finished the first repeat of the second chart of the flower basket shawl (mistakes fixed):

ahhhhh, lace