The weekend started early, when I left work at 3:30 on Friday to meet Anj, Ella, and Tony at the art museum for the Dali show. Out of a slightly paranoid desire to not be late, I arrived half an hour early, so I sat down to knit on my flower-lace shawl. It was an absolutely lovely afternoon, and the paulownias in the courtyard were just beautiful:

The exhibit was quite good–much larger than I’d expected–and I liked more of the paintings than I’d expected to.

The big out-of-my-house event of the rest of the weekend was grocery shopping, which started at Pathmark and continued at Trader Joe’s. Oh, yeah, that’s excitement. (Well, okay, the rhubarb from the farmers’ market is exciting. Yay, baking!)

Fortunately, I did some interesting stuff in my house. I started knitting with my very first yarn:

Knithandspun1 The pink and grey edging is the bit that Amy taught me on; the deeper pink is the first batch of practice roving. I’ve gone back and forth about this, but I think it’s going to be a small pouch.

And I finished spinning and plying the second batch of practice roving:


The current plan for this is a sachet, but time will tell. I’m not thrilled with the way the colors muddied, but that’s what I got for free…

And, well, because I finished the practice roving, I started in on some of the roving that I actually paid for separately. This is colonial top (corriedale) from Carolina Homespun.


It spins up quite differently from the merino; I find it harder to spin a thicker strand. It’s also not nearly as soft, although I’d still describe it as soft, and it’s got a much shorter staple. If it keeps working out this way, maybe it’ll become a lace shawl.

Speaking of lace shawls, I think I’ve decided to use the onyx soft rock for a flower basket shawl, probably with a few extra repeats. We’ll see whether I finish the flower lace shawl first.