It’s spring, time to hurry up and knit with wool before packing away the sweaters.

I’m not sure I’ll get to wear this before it gets warm here:

That’s really not much of a sweater yet, but maybe I can take it to Maine and Vermont this summer and wear it there. If nothing else, it’ll be done for next year…

The green to-be-felted bag now has a complete base and the beginnings of sides. The original plan called for this bag to be a way to experiment with interesting and complex cables. However, I think the B&BP is filling my need for a cable pattern that requires attention, so this can just be mindless knitting. Maybe I’ll put in a cable or two, just to see how it looks after felting, but there won’t be much patterning. Ooh, maybe I can put in a stripe or two near the top, in the gold or orange that I have of the same yarn.

This toe-hat is my newest “project”. I started it at the PhillyKnitters SnB yesterday. Anj, our generous and talented hostess, prepared a handout and lesson on toe-up, two-circ socks. I’m not really planning on finishing this one, just getting past the heel, and I’m not planning on making the matching one, so it’s really more of a learning exercise than a project. With any luck, though, I can make myself finish the cabled silja sock within a few weeks, and then I can start its mate as a toe-hat.

The main lesson from yesterday? Knitting on two circulars is really, really easy. I’d been not trying to learn because I figured I’d need either a demonstration or a couple of hours to figure it out, and I wasn’t motivated enough to set aside a couple of hours. I got a demo, but I don’t think it would’ve taken me more than twenty minutes to get it going properly by myself… (That is, I think I’d’ve done fine with the internet as a resource for knitting a tube on 2 circs. The figure-8 cast-on kind of wanted a teacher.) So, now, I’m going to try to hunt up appropriate needles for knitting Natalya on two circs–no chance of one of them falling and clattering in class!

A secondary lesson from yesterday: Charting patterns is a good idea. I spent a while trying to figure out precisely where I want to start the next flower motif in the lacy flower shawl, for the most efficient fit on the horizontal without having the flowers be too close to the ones in the previous repeat. I eventually decided that my indecision and tinking didn’t go well with participating in the conversation and switched to the green bag. Picking up stitches takes way less concentration than “charting” a pattern in my head…