It’s a new project, of course. I’ve finally started the B&B Pullover from the winter 2003 IK:

The color’s pretty accurate, because I messed with it in Photoshop until it looked right. I’m having minor problems with laddering when I switch from knit to purl, but I like working with Briggs and Little yarn. It’s so woolly…

And, while I’m posting pictures, here’s one of the reasons I’ve been as contented as I have been this week (i.e. why I haven’t been even crankier):

Kippered salmon on an Ess-a-Bagel multigrain bagel. I picked up some real bagels and smoked fish (including pumpernickel and whitefish) while I was in New York on Saturday to see the Gates (and my parents and some friends). Ahhh, real bagels, properly chewy. I wish I could get real bagels and good fish in Philadelphia.